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  • So I hate requesting mods becuase frankely i’m not smart enough to make them myself, and I hate asking other people to do things, but I actually wonder if anyone could do this (only if there’s interest from other people). I’m taking a MTA networking cert course and I was lead to this telnet exercise. basically you enable telnet on windows and goto telnet in the Command prompt window (I do understand you all already know this and have probably seen it, also i disable telnet immediately afterwards). Anyways it shows you a star wars movie made in text. I find it fascinating. I see it’s also available for Linux. Would it be possible to incorporate something like this into the MagicMirror?

    To be honest I think it’s so cool, if it’s not possible, I’m half tempted to run another RPI3 with another screen behind mymirror and just let this run, but it’d be cool to see it in the corner of the mirror just playing a movie.

  • So I do realize this is telnet too, the security issue is definitely there. This may not be practical, and I understand that. I guess it just rushed to a suggestion.

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