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MM2 and Bluetooth audio (pulseaudio). Audio crashing

  • I have this issue on my set up where whenever I launch the mm2 may it be in server mode only or in the regular mode it crashes the bluetooth audio on my Raspberry pi 3.
    Some background, I use my MM2 on my desk as a dashboard and have amazon alexa running on it’s own on the pi. I have a bluetooth speaker hooked up which works fine on its own but whenever I start MM2 the bluetooth audio stops. Sometimes it happens after 5 mins other times after an hour.
    I ran it in server mode and used the console on my browser to view the logs but couldn’t find anything related that could be causing the issue.

    So my question is can MM2 cause the bluetooth to crash? How can I find out what is causing this issue?
    Does someone out there have a set up with a working bluetooth connection for audio playback?

  • Bump. I opend an issue on github. Hopefully someone will be able to replicate it. I have had this issue on two different sd cards.

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