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Multiple MMM-mvgmunich Instances possible?

  • Hello,

    my Mirror works OK, also the MMM-mvgmunich Module from mrVragec.
    But I want to see the DepartureTimes of more than 1 Station, so I want to create another Instance of the Module or anything like that to be able to do that…
    Any Ideas?

    Like I said, Goal should be the Ability to view more than 1 Station.


  • @Mondfisch looking at the code, it will only support one instance at a time.

  • Thanx!

    Found another Module : trgraglia/MMM-MVG-LocalTransport
    Gonna test that one and maybe I combine it with mvgmunich…

  • Hello again,

    diggin this out again… The Author of the Module has updated the Module, and in the Changelog,
    he says, he has fixed Problems with loading the PluIn more than once.
    Is it now possible to load the Module more than one Time to monitor more Stations?


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