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Pi 4 Model B vs Pi 3 Model B+

  • Hello.

    First time buying a raspberry pi. I want to make a magic mirror and I’m not too sure which pi would work best. I’ve done some research and found that the model 4 and model 3 b+ are about the same price. So far I haven’t heard of anyone using a pi 4 for a magic mirror and I’m just wondering why? Surely for a better spec model and about the same price with a bit of future proofing in there everyone would opt for the pi 4. Also, I am an avid programmer and looking forward to the customizability side of things so if i do go for the pi 4 just wondering whether it would be worth getting extra RAM? Seems a bit stupid to get a older model for the same price, please enlighten me aha. Price isn’t really an issue I just want the best for my money and for it to be able to do the things I want :).

    Thanks, Alex.

  • @FlameShotBow there are folks here using PI4 for MM… its a new device, so uptake is slow

    same price at what memory level?

    buy th 4 of course… better performance,

  • @sdetweil Ah okay just I’ve watched quite a few youtube tutorials and I haven’t seen one use the Pi 4 nor have I seen anyone use it here but haven’t looked very hard. Same price at the 1GB.

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