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Weather module shows past data

  • Setup: Ras Pi. Standard install with no changes to default config.js file other than location and API key

    What happens: Device has just been started. Current date and time Thurs 26/09/2019 19.30 BST.
    Weather module shows forecast for the next seven days starting with Thursday (to next Wednesday)

    Despite the module refreshing data from openweather, the line for Thursday will remain until at least 6:00 BST despite the date being Friday.

    Expected: At some point the during the day, the data for the current day (ie Thursday) should be hidden meaning the next day is shown.

    In other words, the weather module needs to check if the first item returned from openweather and if its before the current date, or the current date and there are less than 8hrs remaining, the first element should be discarded.

  • @n21brown you should open an issue on github for this, so it can be tracked and if anyone wants to contribute a solution for it

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