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Transportation module doesn't work

  • Hi,

    I’m a total beginner to this and have only installed 3 modules previous to this one. When I try to add this new one (MMM-SL-PublicTransport) the magicmirror displays the message ‘Please create a config file.’

    If anyone could help me out I would be very grateful ! Here’s the code including the module above it (MMM-Screencast, which works fine):

    		module: 'MMM-Screencast',
    		position: 'bottom_right', // This position is for a hidden <div> and not the screencast window
    		config: {
    			position: 'bottomCenter',
    			height: 600,
    			width: 750,
            module: 'MMM-SL-PublicTransport',
            position: 'top_right',
            header: 'Busses',
            config: {
                apikey: 'Ipostedmyapihere',         // REQUIRED.
                stations: [                     // REQUIRED at least one entry. 
                                                // Definition of the stations that you would like to see
                    stationId: 'Ipostedmystationidhere',      // REQUIRED. An id of a station. You need to run the utility
                                                // findStation to get the id(s) of the station(s) you want.
                    stationName: 'stationnamehere',// Optional. This is the name of the station.
                                                // It's shown in the header if you have set a header on the module
                   // excludeTransportTypes: [],  // Optional. This is an array of types of transport that you DONT 
                                                // want to see. If not present then all transport types are shown. 
                                                // The types are: 'Bus', 'Train', 'Metro', 'Tram' and 'Ship'.
                    lines: [                    // Optional. An array of lines that you want to see departing from
                                                // this station.
                        line: line-id,          // The id of the line
                        direction: dir,         // Optional. If present only show departures in this direction 
                                                // for this line.
                        swapDir: false          // Optional. If true, change dir 1 to 2 and vice versa.
                                                // Shall be used with the "In to town" feature. Note that
                                                // if direction is defined, that shall be direction swapped to.
                maxDestinationLength: 999,      // Optional, will truncate the destination string to the set length.
                displaycount: 10,               // Optional, show this number of departures for each direction.
                omitDeparturesLeft: false,      // Optional, if set to true departures that have left the station
                                                // is not shown.
                showdisturbances: false,        // Not implemented yet
                fade: true,                     // Optional. Shall the table of departures be faded or not
                fadePoint: 0.2,                 // Optional. Fraction from end where to start fading
                delayThreshhold: 60,            // Optional. If a departure is delayed or in advance only
                                                // show this
                                                // if the delay/advance is greater than this number in
                                                // seconds.            
                updateInterval: 5*60*1000,      // Optional. Number of milliseconds between calls to
                                                // Trafiklab's API. This value shall preferably be larger then 1 min
                                                // There are limitations on number of calls per minute and month
                highUpdateInterval: {},         // Optional if you dont need it don't define it.
                                                // If defined use higher frequences for updates, see
                                                // "Set what times to update more frequently" below
                uiUpdateInterval: 1000,         // Optional. Number of milliseconds between updates of the
                                                // departure list. This value shall preferably be less then 10 sec
                SSL: false,                     // Optional. Use https to access the TrafikLab services,
                                                // defaults to false since I have experienced problems  
                                                // accessing this service over https. Have an ongoing  
                                                // discussion with TrafikLab
                debug: false,                   // Optional. Enable some extra output when debugging
                ignoreSanityCheck: false,       // Optional. If set to true config sanity checks are not done.
                useDisplayTime: false,          // Optional. If true use the actual displaytime that is
                                                // received via the API instead of the ExpectedDateTime and
                                                // TimeTabledDateTime. See the DisplayTime section below.
                cleanHeader: false,             // If set to true the last update time is not shown
                                                // in the header
                showIcon: true                  // Optional. If true show an icon of the type of transport

    The parts I have changed are apikey, stationId and stationName

    Thanks in advance