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Running MM in parallel to other application

  • Hi all!

    I’m new to Raspberry Pi and Magic Mirror, so I hope this question makes sense. I want to be able to cast videos to my magic mirror screen (not necessarily within the magic mirror application). The only module that I’ve found could help with this is MMM-SmartWebDisplay, but the process to change the url to display seems like a pain. I was thinking of using a different raspberry pi application for video casting and running it in parallel to magic mirror, such that it pops up over mm when something is being casted and disappears when not. I was looking at this one in particular


    Is it even possible to do this and how would I go about it? Or is there an easier way?

    Thank you!

  • @patuso i do not know for sure… I have drawn pictures on top of the MM ui… it is unaware of my pictures.

    I am opening another browser window for my content… that is all an iframe is

  • Thanks for your reply Sam! I haven’t managed to get it to work, so I ended up going with the SmartWebDisplay module instead

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