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MMM-Strava configuration

  • Hi everybody
    I try to install MMM-Strava on my magic mirror but i have problem with authorization.

    Installation is ok because when i restarted the Magic Mirror i had a message like “check authorization”

    i followed explanation about installation but i have problem in step 2:

    Make sure the callback domain matches the IP address (or URL) used to access the MagicMirror.
    I don’t know what i write in this case

    On Strava APi application i must complete:

    APi Name
    and Callback domain

    Can anybody help me please to write the good things ?

    After this, i’ don’t understand the step 5

    Authenticate the module to allow access to the Strava API.
    Browse to the Strava authentication page: http://localhost:8080/MMM-Strava/auth/ - the exact URL may vary depending on your configuration.
    Select the module you wish to authenticate (e.g. module_4_MMM-Strava) and click/tap Authorise -The number of the modules will vary depending on your configuration.
    On the Strava Authorisation page, select the level of access you wish to give to the Magic Mirror, and click/tap Authorize - the module requires at least View data about your public profile and View data about your activities but it’s up to you whether you want to allow access to private activities.
    Once the successful authorisation message appears, restart your Magic Mirror.

    What is the good authenticate url ?

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi nothing use this module?
    Anybody can help me please?

  • @MisterT - I posted a reply to your comment on the other thread. Hope that helps.

  • Solved see module in health section

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