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Combination MMM-Carousel/MMM-OnScreenMenu/ MMM-Keybindings

  • Re: [Combination MMM-Carousel](MMM-OnScreenMenu & MMM-Keybindings)

    Hi, I am trying to use three modules togther. MMM-Carousel, MMM-OnScreenMenu & MMM-Keybindings.

    So far, I have Keybindings working with carousel but the on screen menu won’t work.

    I would like to be able to bind the left and right keys with carousel (Which I’ve already done) and the menu button to open OSM, and up and down arrows to navigate the menu.
    I’m at work right now so can’t post my code but once home I’ll be able to post it.

    Does anyone have a working Config.js with all three working in this way?


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