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Initial install onto headless Pi3+

  • Hi all,

    I’m just starting to dip my toes into this stuff. I just did a fresh install of Raspian (Buster) and did a upgrade/ update, immediately followed by installing MM2 using the ‘bash -c …’ one liner. I am running the system headless right now as I am evaluating various MM builds and what my LCD screen options are, however I would still like to be able to look at the various MM modules, options, etc, while doing so. What are my options for seeing what this thing is going to look like, can I access via RDP/ VNC or can I fire up a web portal or anything?
    Apologies if this is the incorrect forum for asking.
    Thanks in advance, David

  • @davidkmcw MM can be accessed via a browser on another machine… all you need is network access

    set the config to allow any system to access

  • @sdetweil How would I do that?

  • @davidkmcw

    from config.js, the default is ‘localhost’ so it only allows the same machine to connect to the mirror app

    	address: "", // Address to listen on, can be:
    	                      // - "localhost", "", "::1" to listen on loopback interface
    	                      // - another specific IPv4/6 to listen on a specific interface
    	                      // - "", "", "::" to listen on any interface
    	                      // Default, when address config is left out, is "localhost"
    	port: 8080,
    	ipWhitelist: [], // Set [] to allow all IP addresses

  • @sdetweil I’ll give a shot, thanks

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