• Hi sorry for late reply. I was away for couple of days.

    Ok i tried both brunch but no luck. Tried ffmpeg as well. But not working.

  • How to check rtsp with ffmpeg without going to the magicmirror? Because i can see vlc on my manu but i couldn’t find ffmpeg.

  • Just a FYI, I still can’t get VLC to work, but I did get OMXPlayer to work. turns out my URL was wrong (wrong address, “frontcam” not “FrontCam” - check your strings.

  • I couldn’t get any of the player working. Thinking to remove the module and reinstall. It might help

  • So, in playing with the module in the absence of the author, I’ve found the following:

    VLC won’t work.

    1. Author has syntax error on command line, so it’s trying to load local file “dummy” rather than stream. I can fix this by removing the word “dummy” in node_helper.js, along with it’s quotes and comma.

    2. There’s a problem with the way that VLC is called by node (the system behind magic mirror) that is blocking the video stream from flowing. If I remove the “-I” from the arguments, I can get a VLC box that runs, and when I check the stream stats, the audio is flowing freely, but the video is stuck. if I understood how it’s carving out the space for VLC, I’d try to launch it and the support pieces another way.

    I’m going to submit this to the author in github. hopefully he comes back sometime soon and fixes.