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  • RE: Mirror foil

    You can use the one-way reflective foil, sure. I have the foil around here somewhere, but I haven’t rigged it up yet. My suggestion is to go to YouTube and watch videos on applying car window tint. It’s basically the same process.

    Another possibility is to purchase one-way acrylic instead of glass. It will be more than the glass-and-foil method, but it will be less than a proper piece of one-way glass.

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  • RE: Extension of MMM-Tools (Bugsounet)

    Hi !

    MMM-Tools fetch all info needed : (tested on my dev platform and not definitive)

    [2020-08-13 17:55:13.191] [LOG]    Send this Status: {
      OS: 'Debian 10 (buster)',
      SYS: 'Core™ i5-3350P',
      NETWORK: [
        enp3s0: { ip: '', type: 'wired', default: true },
        wlx98ded00d0521: { ip: '', type: 'wireless', default: false }
      MEMORY: [ total: '7934Mb', used: '2613Mb', percent: '40' ],
      STORAGE: [
        '/': { size: '39.98Go', used: '10.33Go', use: 25.84 },
        '/home': { size: '383.49Go', used: '53.64Go', use: 13.99 },
        '/boot/efi': { size: '96.00Mo', used: '31.57Mo', use: 32.89 },
        '/media/Data': { size: '540.76Go', used: '96.68Go', use: 17.88 }
      CPU: [ temp: '44.0', usage: '23' ],
      UPTIME: '1 jour 17 heures 25 minutes',
      RECORD: '27 jours 18 heures 49 minutes',

    of course SYS info is the result of CPU type or RPI type
    exemple for a RPI 4:

    SYS: 'Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1'

    RPI 3:

    SYS: 'Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3'

    Now, i will do a new visual for displaying all information received 😉
    Note: If somebody need other information to display, just tell me 🙂

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    I just tried this out. Thank you for the excellent module! Exactly what I was looking for.

    Now if I could just get a dark theme going. I’m cool with the rain being in color, but it would be nice if I could figure out how to get the roads & state borders to only be outlines.

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  • RE: Black screen (only with cursor visible) when waking mirror with MMM-PIR-Sensor after long sleep periods

    @sdetweil I remember that I have some problem with an npm library with it (before I start to code)
    I don’t remember how I solve it

    After you can try my pir module if you want

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  • RE: iFrame-ping not autoplaying

    or… somethings like this can be better ?

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  • RE: MMM-TelegramBot error.

    Hi, You need to launch a conversation with your new bot created. Not with BotFather.

    To talk to your bot:
    above the token you have the link to talking to your bot !
    like : just click on it 🙂

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  • RE: VGA Montitor

    I’m pretty sure you can have the raspi turn on and off the screen through the hdmi. I will have to check on that.

    sure I works !

    I use +/- same config of you :
    RPI3B+ or RPI4 + HDMI/VGA apdator + VGA monitor (24pcs)
    and my monitor shutdown and turn on with pir sensor

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  • RE: VGA Montitor

    I’m alone that my monitor turn off and not blanking???

    I use:
    Rpi3/rpi4 + hdmi/vga adapt + vga monitor

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  • RE: mergeConfig() function

    sure, i just open it

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  • RE: Bathroom Magic Mirror

    please forgive the late reply. It slipped through.

    I use these buttons:

    These have separate connections for “nomaly closed” NC and “normaly open” NO. And there are also the connections for the button LED.

    But I did not connect the LEDs. Otherwise, besides the LED of the toothbrush and the LED of the mouthwash and the LED of the razor and … another LED would burn. Then I could slowly save the ceiling lighting in the bathroom 🙂

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