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  • RE: Euromillions display on MagicMirror

    @lavolp3 10 is impossible… You’d need closer to at least 30… I agree with you.

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  • RE: Backing up via GitHub repo

    Here’s what I’ve done.

    Everything I modify, including instructions for things that can’t be moved is stored in a “MyConfigs” directory on my harddrive, with symlinks in the original folder - so config.js and custom.css is actually symlinks in the magicmirror folders.

    Modifications to modules that I do are all forked off the original and stored independently.

    It took me literally 5 minutes to get config up again after a SD Card blowout…

    Pros: no work to get unmodified modules and MagicMirror up to current.

    Cons: remembering the dang symlink command. I’m gonna write a script.

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  • RE: MM keeps freezing

    FYI. the bolt is still active, fresh copy of the OS downloaded from their website, on RPI3b+. whipped it together so to test for mirror frame placement.

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  • RE: UPDATE: Replaced my PIR-Sensor with a Doppler Microwave Sensor.

    @uros76 same here. I tried the Pi4 and had issues so I went back to the 3 and all the issues went away… so mine also sits waiting for the next project 😉

    Thank you for the info!!!

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  • RE: mmm assistant mk2

    assistantSay: true

    Your assistant says vocal warning (need myMagicWord feature of MMM-AssistantMk2)

    I don’t really understand what do you want to do

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  • RE: UPDATE: Replaced my PIR-Sensor with a Doppler Microwave Sensor.

    @uros76 said in UPDATE: Replaced my PIR-Sensor with a Doppler Microwave Sensor.:

    @cowboysdude scripts works fine with my pi3.

    It seems pi4 has different way of putting a monitor to sleep, I never figured out how to do it on pi4.
    Instead, I tested lubuntu on pi4 and managed to put it to sleep with this mouse click script linked to PIR motion:

    xdotool click 1

    I can share more details on lubuntu setup if needed.

    Yes it works great on a Pi3… 🙂 I am still using it for that…

    Yes please… I’d like to update the script for Pi4 but haven’t been able to get it working…
    Thank you!

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  • RE: MMM-EveryNews is not loading anything

    @alee961 said in MMM-EveryNews is not loading anything:

    I can’t get MMM-EveryNews to work. I have the API key, but it just displays “AnyNews Presents”.

    I assure you, the module is working. Have you checked that your api is entered correctly? Please start MM using the command npm start dev. Check the console tab in the window that opens for errors (in red) and report them here.

            disabled: false,
              module: 'MMM-EveryNews',
              position: 'bottom center',
              config: {
                source: 'bbc-news,cbs-news,fox-news,nbc-news,national-geographic',      // any source from
                scroll: true,                                  // description scroll or static
                scrollSpeed: "3",                              // if scroll is true
                apiKey: 'Make sure this is correct',    // free API key from
                useHeader: true,                               // False if you don't want a header
                header: "Over 30,000 News Sources!",           // Any text you want. useHeader must be true
                maxWidth: "350px",
                animationSpeed: 3000,                          // fade speed
                rotateInterval: 5 * 60 * 1000,
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  • RE: mmm assistant mk2

    hi, what is mmm-tool warning text for you ?

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  • RE: MMM-News

    I don’t want to make an argument about your success. The difficulty is always relative. 🙂

    As you’ve said, all cloned modules should manage their own ID by themselves. (not only for the one device but also for each clients if multi-devices are working under server-clients)
    It could not be difficult, frankly, usual web sites/applications/components are developed like that.
    But the MM… hmmm. I always consider MM would be a standalone running device. Even though there exist some server/client usecases, most of the modules are developed as standalone. Using H/W peripheral(like GPIO or mic) is an example.
    Of course, we, developers can make the module clonable from the early stage of development. But I often have a question it’s worthy.

    For an imaginary use-case of other users, should I consider to make module clonable? Always my answer for this MM was… no.

    • I’m not using clones. If I need something similar, I would make a new module, which might be able to manage multi-views(like CALEXT2) or to share some resources.(AMK2 and HOTWORDS), but it makes things too complex. I hate this way.
    • I feel some cul-de-sac from MM legacy. MM needs to provide more friendly way to reuse modules. At this moment, not. So that’s why I haven’t considered cloning. and why I lost interest in MM.

    Anyway, to say shortly. This module is not made for that purpose. Unless modification by myself or somebody, not possible. That’s all.

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    1. Please start MM using npm start dev and check the console for errors related to MMM-BMW-OW.
    2. Before quitting MM bring your terminal to the front and check that for errors as well.
    3. Report any errors you find
    4. Post your config entry for MMM-BMW-OW in a code block so I can look at it.

    The module is working as expected here.

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