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Can't get a module to update

  • Hey everyone, this one should be easy, but it’s stumping me.

    I just installed MMM-Holidaylights for the wife and grandkids. It’s great, but I have a message in my mirror’s header bar that says that there is a module update for this module. Conveniently, this is where the module’s lights are located which defeats the purpose of the module!

    I’ve updated my MM with the usual update command of:

    git pull && npm install

    Everything seems to update fine, but the message for needing to update the module remains.

    Any ideas?

  • @valid8r you only need to update the module… the mm update does NOT update any non-default modules…

    go to the module folder

    git pull

    if it has a package.json file then in the module folder do

    npm install

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