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MMM-MyCommute Time Formats are kicking my butt

  • Hi Everyone, my MMM-MyCommute is displaying a travel time as “X hours”, but I would like it to be more precise. Google Maps shows it as “X hr Y min.” I simply want the minutes included. I can’t get travelTimeFormat or travelTimeFormatTrim to affect any change for me, and I can’t find any arguments about precision. Any ideas?


    module: "MMM-MyCommute",
    position: "bottom_right",
    header: 'Current Traffic',
    		config: {
        		apikey: '//API KEY//',
        		origin: "//ORIGIN ADDRESS",
        		startTime: "00:00",
    		nextTransitVehicleDepartureFormat: "[next at] h:mm a",
    		endTime: "23:59",
        		destinations: [
            			destination: '//DESTINATION 1 ADDRESS',
           	 			label: "Destination 1",
    				mode: "driving",
    				alternatives: true,
            			color: "#82E5AA"
            			destination: '//DESTINATION 2 ADDRESS',
           	 			label: "Destination 2",
            			mode: "transit",
    				transitMode: "subway",
    				showNextVehicleDeparture: true,
            			color: "#e5e082"

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