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MBTA - can anyone get this working?

  • Hello, I have the following config on my file:

    			module: 'MMM-MBTA',
    			position: 'bottom_left', // This can be any of the regions.
    			header: "MBTA: Davis",
    			config: {
    				apikey: 'XXXXXXX',
    				updateInterval: 30,
    				stations: 'Davis Square": "place-davis',
    				formatETA: 'true',
    				showOnly: ["Subway", "Bus"],
    				colorIcons: 'true',
    				direction: 'Inbound',
    				noETAToBack: 'false'

    But I am getting a nothing coming soon error. Am I doing something wrong?


    On a seperate note, how does the stations field look if I want to include two stations? Say Davis Square": "place-davis and Main St @ Emerson Rd": "8823

  • @nakulbende said in MBTA - can anyone get this working?:


    according to the readme

    This is an array of stations that you wish to display. Currently, only one max station is allowed. For a list of station names, please refer to stations-formatted.json. Make sure to use the common name!
    Example: stations: [ “Airport” ].
    Expected Value type: [String, String, …].

    so, it is ALWAYS has the brackets , even if just one station name

    stations: [ something ]

    I don’t know what this means
    Currently, only one max station is allowed

    based on the code, it looks like it will look up the station number from the name as provided in the
    stations-formatted.json file…

    so, you would use the name

  • Not sure how I got that - but I just changed them to common names. Still nothing.

  • @nakulbende did u change them to the names listed in the json file?

  • Wait, it worked now. I was missing the []. It needs an array. Thanks again!

  • @nakulbende cool!

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