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MMM-MotionDetector image seems too dark

  • Hey Guys,
    i’m basically done with my first mirror (hooray!). I put a lot of work in it and now one important thing doesnt seem to work.
    I’m using the MMM-MotionDetector Module with a Rpi Cam to save some energy.
    Well when i assembled the tech stuff without a mirror my system seemed to work as i wanted to.
    Since i assembled it all together the Module doesnt seem to consider my images as relevant.
    I used

    raspistill -0 

    to check if my camera isnt able to peek through the mirror.
    Turns out that i see the other side but i’d consider it dark. You can still see everything on the image tho.

    I turned off the red camera light, i thought this might dazzle the camera. But this doesnt help as well.

    I already tried to config my threshold=1 but this doesnt seem to help as well.
    When i use e.g. a flashlight and hold it right onto the camera the module gets a high score and the monitor is turning on again.

    Do you have any idea how i could get it to work properly?

    Sorry, this is my first post. If any Information is missing let me know.

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards from Germany.

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