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A learning opportunity for me - MM as a time keeper

  • I have an idea to use the MM concept to help my son out with his Gaming LAN center. Currently they rent out computer time on 10 PCs to gamers. They need a countdown timer system for each computer that can be re-set. I’m thinking of settting up a multi-plexed digital input from my PI to a set of switches that when pressed would start, stop or reset a digital count down timer. My plan would be to divide the screen real-estate up into 10 blocks each of which is a count-down timer connected to the switch. My first thought would be to use the iFrame module such that each of the 10 block/regions was it’s own iFrame. the iFrame code would scan the multiplexed digital inputs connected to the switch assembly.

    Am I over-thinking this? My coding experience on the PI is limited to Python, but I’m using the MM forums (with everyone’s help) to painfully learn JS and CSS (I appreciate the help already provided).

    Any thoughts?

  • @valid8r Do you think just doing a WordPress website would be easier?

  • I would think building a website would be easier as well.

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