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Excluded Events Standard calendar

  • Hello everybody.
    Is it possible to hide double events.
    This is explicitly about the following:

    I have a weekly recurring event.
    In the module I would like to be shown the next 7 events.
    Should there be no or few appointments in the near future, then the module would only consist of this one recurring appointment.
    In this case, it would be enough for me that this recurring event is only displayed once.
    I tried it with “excludedEvents”.
    However, I only manage to completely exclude the event.

  • @MichiMich
    Did you know, if this is possible?

  • i don’t see that capability in the default calendar, i have a weekly recurring that shows two entries sometimes… with different dates

  • @sdetweil
    But did you see the example of “exclude events”? Could it be possible with “until”?

    An array of words / phrases from event titles that will be excluded from being shown.
    Additionally advanced filter objects can be passed in. Below is the configuration for the advance filtering object.
    filterBy - string used to determine if filter is applied.
    until - Time before an event to display it Ex: ['3 days', '2 months', '1 week']
    caseSensitive - By default, excludedEvents are case insensitive, set this to true to enforce case sensitivity
    regex - set to true if filterBy is a regex. For those not familiar with regex it is used for pattern matching, please see here for more info.
    Example: ['Birthday', 'Hide This Event', {filterBy: 'Payment', until: '6 days', caseSensitive: true}, {filterBy: '^[0-9]{1,}.*', regex: true}]
    Default value: []

  • @Clubjack i did not see until… I do not know the answer

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