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MagicMirror stuck at installation

  • Everytime i try to install MagicMirror it gets stuck at “Updating packages…” at the beginning does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks in advance.


    install starting  - wo jan 15 22:11:29 CET 2020
    installing on armv7l processor system
    the os is Distributor ID: Raspbian Description: Raspbian GNU/Linux 9.11 (stretch) Release: 9.11 Codename: stretch
    Updating packages ...
    Geraakt:1 stretch InRelease Ophalen:2 stretch InRelease [15,0 kB] Genegeerd:3 stable InRelease Geraakt:4 stable Release 15,0 kB opgehaald in 1s (9996 B/s) Pakketlijsten worden ingelezen...
    apt-get update  completed ok

  • @T-v-A which script are you executing? there was a bug in the 1st version…

    see here

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