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Need to set to a static size

  • I am working on using MM as a family calendar using the 1080p monitor in portrait mode. I am using MMM-CalendarExt2 and have the main large calendar positioned at “fullscreen_below”. Then I have a daily view at position “top_left”. I would like to see as many daily event entries as possible, however it will overlap if there are too many. Currently I am setting the slotCount as 4 to overcome this but there are many days where there is so much unused space that could be filled with additional daily events.

    Is there a way in CSS to change the to force a static size and prevent it from overlapping the content below? I tried the following in custom.css but this doesn’t work and I am limited in my knowledge with css and such things but would like to find a solution to it.

     body {
     } {
    	height: 500px;
    	max-height: 500px;

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