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Scheduling a YouTube video to start/stop via MMM-Remote-Control

  • Looking for some guidance. I’m using MMM-ModuleScheduler and MMM-Remote-Control to turn my monitor on/off, and to hide certain modules depending on the time of day. Works great.

    But, I have a YouTube video (white noise) that I’d like to start in the evening, and have stop in the AM.

    Playing the video is no problem — I’m using MMM-EmbedYoutube) as below:

    module: "MMM-EmbedYoutube", 
                    position: "middle_center",        
                    config: {
                            video_id: "nDqP7kcr-sc",
                            loop: true,

    I tried to hide/show the video via MMM-Remote-Control/MMM-Module-Scheduler, but couldn’t figure out why the sound kept playing. Of course, it’s because hiding/showing doesn’t turn it off/on.

    So I’m trying to find solution, but am stuck here as modifying the config.js file is about the limit of my technical knowledge.

    Looking at the page for MMM-YouTube I can see that I can use YouTube’s iFrame API methods to control its player. And this is what I’d want to do:

    this.sendNotification("YOUTUBE_CONTROL", {
      command: "playVideo"

    I’m just not sure how/where to create that notification. Ideally I can use the modules above to playVideo or pauseVideo, at certain times of the day.

    Any guidance you can provide would be super helpful!

  • Module Developer

  • Module Developer

    I was on the way so I couldn’t explain in detailly.
    If you are using , (Personally, I don’t use it, so I might be wrong)
    This could work; Haven’t tested, but…

      module: 'MMM-ModuleScheduler',
      config: {
        notification_schedule: {
          notification: 'YOUTUBE_CONTROL', 
          schedule: '30 9 * * *', 
          payload: {
              type: "notification", 
              command: 'pauseVideo'

  • @Sean Thanks! I’ll try it out and report back. Really appreciate the assistance.

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