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32" Panel LVDS and Controller Board

  • Good evening, I’m very new to the Mirror forums, I’ve just embarked on the creation of my Magic Mirror. Coming from some Linux experience i’ve found the software and configuring new modules to be a breeze however i’m struggling with the hardware side.

    At current i’ve acquired a 32" Panasonic Viera TV the panel is made by IPS Alpha Technologies, (if that’s any help) and basically i want to rip out the Panasonic main board and power supply etc and use a LCD controller board as this will achieve the results i’m after with the screen (Basically the TV can’t be set to power on into HDMI.

    I’ve stripped it back to find what i believe is a TCON board which connects to the panel and from there what I believe to be an 51 pin LVDS ribbon cable.

    Providing the details above are accurate, the question’s i’m asking is

    1. Has anyone done anything like this?
    2. If so will a 51pin LVDS to 30 pin dupont work?

    I’ve been reading a lot about LVDS pin outs etc, power on the left hand side power on the right.

    Any information would really help, i know i may not have been completely clear in my questioning so please ask away for any more details.

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