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WLAN probs with raspi4, buster, and mm2

  • Hi @all ,
    I’m a bloody rookie, so pls excuse if my questions are quite a bit rookiesk 😉
    I installed a raspi4 with raspbian buster - wlan is working - router is pingable.
    Configuring ssh - wlan and ssh is working.
    Now I installed MM2 ( bash -c ‚$(curl -sL
    Hey - it started 🙂
    OK lets do a reboot to see if it starts automatically - fine - but no ssh connection possible.
    MM2 shows only ‘loading’.
    So I used ALT-F11 to reach the Desktop and started a cli.
    ifconfig shows no IP-configuration.
    ifdown --force wlan0 works
    ifup wlan0 seems to work, but - ifconfig shows NO IP-config and network not connected 😞
    So I tried to force an restart regulary.
    I wrote a script to restart the interface every 5 minutes - but it fails. (for sure if even ifstart --force doesn’t work)
    Now I’m somehow in a deadend.
    I’ve got further idea how to get this damn wlan working 😞
    Any idea?

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