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Daily reboot inconsistency

  • My RPi loses wifi connection often so I set up a daily reboot (using crontab). It works most of the time, but often enough Magic Mirror won’t start after the reboot using PM2. Sometimes MM starts, but the fonts are all very small. Sometimes it takes 3-4 manual reboots of the RPi to get MM up and running again. Just wondering whether anyone else has observed this in their own MM and found a fix and/or if anyone has suggestions on how to approach this problem. Thanks in advance for any help!

  • @dwburger You’re trying to put a band-aid on a gushing wound - WiFi issues, display problems, PM2 not starting MM…

    Tackle one problem at a time to get them all fixed instead of relying on a restart to fix one issue and letting it cause two others.

  • @ember1205 OK…I see your point. I think the major problem is the instability of the wifi. Once I focused on that I realized that my MM (running on a RPi with 7" LCD display) sits on top of my refrigerator (that’s also a few feet from a microwave). I hadn’t thought about signal interference from the kitchen equipment until now. I’m going to move the MM near to the router and remove all auto reboot/restart scripts to see how it responds over the coming days.

  • @dwburger Just another thought…I have a second MM that’s hung on the wall in my office. It’s rock solid and rarely needs to be restarted. I should have thought to have them co-located for a while to see if there are any response differences. So, for the near-term, my two MM will be about a foot from one another.

  • @dwburger I think you’re on a good path with this…Keep us posted…

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