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Weatherforecast module: several issues

  • Hi,

    Using weatherforecast module, I have several issues:

    • forecast seems to be using the wrong system time - the first entry seems to be 12hrs behind (it’s currently 6am on a Saturday, but first entry shows ‘Fri’); my system time is set correctly.
    • only six days show in the forecast (but maxNumberOfDays = “8”)
    • rain amount forecast shows (but showRainAmount = “false”)

    My config.js excerpt is as follows:

                            module: "weatherforecast",
                            position: "top_left",
                            header: "Weather Forecast",
                            config: {
                                    roundTemp: "true",
                                    showRainAmount: "false",
                                    maxNumberOfDays: "8",
                                    initialLoadDelay: "2500",
                                    scale: "true",
                                    location: "XXXX",
                                    locationID: "XXXX",
                                    appid: "XXXX"

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

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