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MMM-telldusLive not updating

  • So, whenever I restart the MM, tellduslive is updated with the sensors. However, after a short while it stops updating. The calender, weather and other modules seem to update fine. Posted the code of telldus in case it helps

    module: "MMM-telldusLive",  
    header: "Kolonien",   
    position: "center",  
    config: {       
    publicKey: 'XXXX', 
    privateKey: 'XXXX',
      token: 'XXXX',       
      tokenSecret: 'XXXX',
    sensors: {            
          showAll: 0,               
       sensorsToShow: [              
          {name: "Ute", data: ["temp"]},
         {name: "Vind", data: ["wdir", "wavg","wgust"]},
    ]                                                       }

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