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Development MMM-OEBB Austrian Railway Info

  • Hi there,

    i´ve been looking for method to show the latest railway information on the mirror, there is no official data API at the Austrian Railway Corporation ÖBB. Based on the work of Frederic Köberl i´ve installed his php script and set it up to run. It´s not the problem to find connections, at the moment i have to start a php script at the terminal and it echos the needed connection info. It´s already formated well, the one and only question is: how to bring this information into a module.

    My idea: copy for example the default/helloworld module - but to show instead of the static text, a variable of the php script should be shown.

    Can anybody help me plz…

    Kind regards

  • hi i am using the “localtransport” 3rd party module, if you enter the correct station name (zB xxxxx Hbf, xxxxx Hst,…) it works like a charm for austrian train connections.
    just to be honest, i have never checked if any railway delay is shown via this module, so there is a little bit of uncertainity about what you want and you ll get!
    But it definitively shows you your OEBB departures !

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