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Hotword smart mirror responses only 1 time

  • Pi3, Buster, MagicMirror 2.11, MMM-AssistantMk2, Snowboy
    All works with no errors.
    When I give command “smart mirror” followed with my question there come a proper result. After some time the default mirror screen pops up again.
    But if I say again “smart mirror” nothing happens.
    I have to restart MagicMirror and than I can give the “smart mirror” command again for 1 time.
    This is the code in config.js for Snowboy module.
    Where should I look for problems?

    module: “MMM-Snowboy”,
    config: {
    Frontend: false,
    Model: “smart_mirror”

  • Fixed it by installing MMM-Hotword instead of MMM-Snowboy

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