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New windows, NOT full size

  • I I quote Ms. mortenbirkelund problem
    I am working on a MagicMirror with touch. Therefore I inserted the following code into the getDom function in the newsfeed module, in order to add a link to the news, so a new browser window will open and i can read the whole news in a browserwindow.

    		var url = this.newsItems[this.activeItem].url;
    		wrapper.addEventListener("click", function () {		,'popUpWindow','height=500,width=500');

    return wrapper;
    This works perfect when I run it in my browser (node serveronly), but when I run it normally (npm start), then the new browser window is full size, and therefore the top bare is missing, and the windows cannot be closed again. Is there anyway, to make sure that the new browser windows is not full size when it opens?"

    “I want the MagicMirror window to to be fullscreen. I would just like to be able of opening a window that is not full screen.”

    any one solve this problem???

  • @mohammadjmag hello friend, I’m new and I would like to understand how I need to have the mirror with the touch could you help me

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