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newsfeed full article no longer displayed

  • Installed the current release v2.11.0 plus MM-Touch module.
    Added some newsfeed-specific gestures to see more details.
    Worked fine, as the brief description was first displayed, then the full article version.
    Tried it today and full article no longer works. The more details part shows correctly when ARTICLE_MORE_DETAILS is sent, but the second time the notification is sent the article title and brief description disappear from the bottom bar, then very briefly flash at the top of the display, then disappears. Touch gestures do not work anywhere except the left side, which would normally be left open by the full article display. It is as if the full article is hidden behind. Since TAP_! is set to restore the normal newsfeed display, tapping on that left side resumes normal display.

    Any ideas for a newbie?

  • I see the iframe get created with a z-index=1, but it is not displayed. I the Detweiler script and the only thing reported changed, besides the couple json files, is the config.js in order to add the touch module and comment virtually all the other modules.

    I could set up again from scratch to see if the issue disappears, but if there really is some bug, it gets hidden for someone later to stumble upon.

  • This problem is caused by changing a single line in config.js:

    address: "localhost",


    address: "",

    Full articles are sometimes displayed, and sometimes not. When set to “localhost” the full articles are always displayed. I replicated this several times with a completely fresh install of MM.

  • @fischershaw what is your source? many times these have access restrictions…

    I don’t know why the listen address matters… but it does apparently…

  • @sdetweil I am using the default setup that comes with a clean install of MM. That is, NY Times.

    So I can go back and forth between “localhost” and “” and see the immediate difference. Seems odd that it would be affected, but clearly is so.

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