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  • Module Developer


    MMM-Snowboy is a customizable hotword detection module to activate any assistant of your MagicMirror

    This module can listen any hotword like “Smart mirror” , “Jarvis” or “Alexa” (or other hotwords from Snowboys database)

    MMM-Snowboy is now developed with my own library of snowboy.

    You can activate, with your perfered hotkey, your prefered assistant
    by default, MMM-Snowboy is pre-configured for MMM-AssistantMk2

    For CPU/RAM saving, this module have no display needed,
    It’s just an keyword detector 😉

    Actually keyword in database:

    • smart_mirror
    • jarvis
    • computer
    • snowboy
    • subex
    • neo_ya
    • hey_extreme
    • view_glass
    • alexa

    it’s very simple configuration, for a simple detector

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