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Use voice control to change pages

  • I am wanting to use voice control to change my pages on the mirror. I have successfully been using the Pages module with an Alexa module. I would like to be able to use the hot word module to do this, so I can free up my Alexa. Is there another module I need to make this happen?

  • @reallykeene in the beginning, we did speech reco on everything, and the best services are in the cloud. but the data cost was ridiculous, for every word, when u needed maybe a hundred words a day.

    so we put a trigger in front of the reco, and only start transcribing after the trigger sound/word…

    thus the hotword… its not intended to recognize lots of words or phrases, and not intended to DO anything, other than trigger the major workhorse of recognition… and then action… Alex and GA do this… listen for the hotword, and them transcribe, and take action.

    free up your alexa to do what? change pages is such a small action. maybe 1/2 or 1% of what alexa can do.
    coding the actions is the real work… on mirror and making alexa/GA actually useful.

  • @sdetweil I am looking to just use the usb mic to change pages. I was going to use my Alexa in another room of the house.

    What kinda of other cool things would you suggest to do with Alexa? It may be worth buying another.

  • @reallykeene i actually haven’t found much use for the mic. I have a webcam that I use cam for motion detection and have tried to get mic to useful… I don’t watch youtube on my mirror, i don’t search, I don’t play music from the web or amazon.

    i tried all the alexa and GA modules… without much success…

    finally found AlexaControl which uses a real echo device as the mic/voice reco, and sends notifications to the mirror to do things… SO much easier… all my home devices I control with Alexa… so I added the mirrors on too (I have 4 I control)

  • @sdetweil sounds good! Thank you

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