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[npm library] @bugsounet/governor

  • Module Developer


    I created this library if you want to set a CPU governor in your module.
    This library is very simplified and ready for use in your node_helper.js

    This library is used in MMM-Assistant2Display

    single node routine for setting you prefered CPU governor


    npm install @bugsounet/governor

    Sample with governor contructor

    const Governor = require("@bugsounet/governor")
    this.config = {
      useCallback: true,
      sleeping: "powersave",
      working: "ondemand"
    var debug = true
    this.governor = new Governor(this.config, callback, debug)
    function callback(governor) {

    constructor of governor

    Governor(governorConfig, callback, debug)

    governorConfig {}
    • useCallback- return callback confirmation (false by default)
    • sleeping- set your prefered governor on sleeping mode
    • working- set your prefered governor on working mode

    Available governor:

    • conservative
    • ondemand
    • userspace
    • powersave
    • performance
    callback {}

    callback return object with status:

      "actived" : true,
      "wanted" : "ondemand",
      "actual" : "ondemand",
      "error": null
    • actived: confirm with true if governor is set
    • wanted: your wanted governor to set
    • actual: your actual governor
    • error: display error if detected

    if you want debuging information, just set to true


    • start() : start governor with working setting
    • working(): start governor with working setting
    • sleeping(): start governor with sleeping setting

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