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[npm library] @bugsounet/cast

  • @bugsounet/cast

    I created this library if you want to cast youtube in your module.
    This library is very simplified and ready for use in your node_helper.js

    This library is used in MMM-Assistant2Display

    single node routine for casting YouTube (or other ?) in webview tag


    npm install @bugsounet/cast

    Sample with cast contructor

    const Cast = require("./index.js")
    this.config = {
      castName: "MagicMirror_Cast",
      port: 8569
    var debug = true
    this.cast= new Cast(this.config.cast, callback, debug)
    setTimeout(() => { this.cast.stop() } , 30 * 1000)
    function callback(noti, castLink) {
      if (noti == "CAST_START") console.log("Open this link:", castLink)
      if (noti == "CAST_STOP") console.log ("Cast End")
    /** Note: Open the castLink in a webview tag **/
    /** needed useragent= "Mozilla/5.0 (SMART-TV; Linux; Tizen 2.4.0) AppleWebkit/538.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/1.1 TV Safari/538.1" **/

    constructor of cast

    Cast(castConfig, callback, debug)

    castConfig {}
    • castName - Name of your device for reconize it in Cast apps
    • port - server port
    callback (notification, castlink)
    • CAST_START - return the url for start casting in a webview frame
    • CAST_STOP - return end of casting

    if you want debuging information, just set to true


    • start() : start cast listener
    • stop() : force stop cast server


    • Actually only YouTube works but may be other (in another update…)

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