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[npm library] @bugsounet/screen

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    I created this library if you want to manage for screen in your module.
    This library is very simplified and ready for use in your node_helper.js

    This library is used in MMM-Assistant2Display

    single node routine for managing your screen


    npm install @bugsounet/screen

    Sample with screen contructor

    const Screen = require("@bugsounet/screen")
    this.config = {
      delay: 10 * 1000,
      turnOffDisplay: true,
      ecoMode: true,
      displayCounter: true,
      detectorSleeping: true,
      governorSleeping: true,
      rpi4: false,
      linux: false
    var debug = true
    this.screen = new Screen(this.config, callback, debug, detectorControl, governorControl)
    setTimeout(() => { this.screen.state() } , 5 * 1000)
    setTimeout(() => { this.screen.stop() } , 15 * 1000)
    function callback(noti, value) {
      if (noti == "SCREEN_TIMER") console.log ("Turn off in", value)
      else console.log("Screen Notification:", noti)
    function detectorControl(noti) {
      console.log("detectorControl Notification:", noti)
    function governorControl(noti) {
      console.log("governorControl Notification:", noti)

    constructor of screen

    Screen(screenConfig, callback, debug, detectorControl, governorControl)

    screenConfig {}
    • delay - Time before turns off the display. (in ms).
    • turnOffDisplay - Should the display turn off after timeout?
    • ecoMode - send a notification to hide all module after timeout?
    • displayCounter - send a notification with count-down before sleeping
    • detectorSleeping - send a notification to manage detector when screen is off
    • governorSleeping - send a notification to manage governor when screen is off
    • rpi4 - rpi4 support (use dpms)
    • linux - linux support (use dpms)
    callback (notification,value)
    • SCREEN_TIMER - Display the count down before sleeping mode (require displayCounter)
    • SCREEN_SHOWING - return notification for showing modules or other (require ecoMode)
    • SCREEN_HIDING - return notification for hiding modules or other (require ecoMode)
    • SCREEN_STATE - return object with actual screen state

      object value:
      • running: return true if screen main script with count down is running
      • locked: return true if screen function is locked
      • power: return true if your display is On
      running: true,
      locked: false,
      power: true
    detectorControl [optional]

    require @bugsounet/snowboy or compatible

    require detectorSleeping and only work with activate() or start() function

    • SNOWBOY_START - return notification for start your detector
    • SNOWBOY_STOP - return notification for stop your detector
    governorControl [optional]

    require @bugsounet/governor

    require governorSleeping and only work with activate() or start() function

    • GOVERNOR_WORKING - return notification to change your governor to working configuration
    • GOVERNOR_SLEEPING - return notification to change your governor to sleeping configuration

    if you want debuging information, just set to true


    • activate(): activate main screen script with count down (use it with first use)

      it force turn on display when escape the script (ctl + c)
    • start(): start screen script with count down
    • stop(): stop screen script
    • reset(): reset count down
    • wakeup(): wake up the screen
    • lock(): lock the screen (start/stop/reset/wakeup will be ignored)
    • unlock(): unlock the screen
    • wantedPowerDisplay(wanted): comparate actual screen state and apply it if not set.

      wanted value is boolean:
      • true: turn on screen
      • false: turn off screen
    • setPowerDisplay(set): like wantedPowerDisplay() but you force to apply it
      set value is boolean:
      • true: force turn on screen
      • false: force turn off screen
    • state(): return state of screen in object
    • turnOffDisplay work only with activate() or start() function
    • you can use only wantedPowerDisplay() or setPowerDisplay() without main script !

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