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Calendar Issues

  • Afternoon all.

    I am new to all this and other than self teaching some coding for my website I have no experience.

    I have started my MM project on the Raspberry Pi 4 and so far I have changed my timezone and updated my weather location and ID

    Where I am stuck is my calendar. I am Uk based so I do not want the pre set USA and all I want is my own calendar from gmail. I deleted out the existing text for the use link an put in my own gmail public I cal but it does not display and now I just have the use text with no calendars.

    can somebody help please? preferably with the correct text I can copy and paste. I did try search but a lot come up


  • @ofallo make sure the link you use for gmail can be accessed by the browser on the pi…
    it must download the ics file for MM to be able to us the link

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