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Control MMM-Podcast2 with MMM-KeyBindings / MMM-Remote-Control

  • Hey there,
    wonder if anybody can help me on the following topic:

    I am running MM 2.10 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with various modules updated to the last versions.
    So far all good but struggling with the connection between those three modules:

    • MMM-Podcast2
    • MMM-Remote-Control
    • MMM-KeyBindings

    My objective is to start the Podcast with the Amazon Fire TV Remote.

    At the moment i can start/stop the MMM-Podcast2 by sending a command from a browser:

    (Same works with the other controls options for MMM-Remote-Control (Reboot, Shutdown, Toggle Full Screen,…) either with the command line ior the menu displayed by MMM-Remote-Control in a browser )

    Start Podcast:¬ification=BUTTON_PRESSED

    So far i have connected the Fire TV Remote to the Raspberry and it shows “connected” within the Bluetooth Menu on the Desktop.

    Checking in Terminal with:

    ls /dev/input/

    event0 mice

    cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep "Name"

    “Amazon Fire TV Remote Keyboard"

    Therefore i haven’t changed anything in the 99-btremote.rules file of the MMM.KeyBindings module:

    SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="Amazon Fire TV Remote", ENV{DEVNAME}=="*event*", SYMLINK+="input/btremote"

    i can see also the activity from the Fire TV remote while testing in terminal with


    I have tried several configs but i was unable to locate the correct settings in the config to execute the Podcast trigger.

    As far as i understood, the standard KeyBinding entry should just like this in the MM config to use the Fire TV Remote:

       module: 'MMM-KeyBindings',
        		config: {

    In addition there should be an additional KeyBinding entry inside the config part of the MMM-RemoteControl, right?
    (As the notification server function has been discontinued inside the KeyBinding part and it is recommended to do that via MMM-Remote-Control…)

    I have checked the forum discussions and found plenty on information how to link an external keyboard as well as switching screen on/off but no direct discussion about the Fire TV remote to trigger something like the podcast via MMM-Remote-Control module.

    Maybe i missed something here but appreciated if someone can point out the right approach/what to add in the config to make it work.


  • Hi guys,
    would like to check again if anybody can help on my described topic to trigger the MMM-Podcast2 with the Fire TV Remote?

    Best regards

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