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iCloud "Reminders ⚠️" issue - Sync?

  • Hi. Does anyone have issue with syncing the “Reminders” from iCloud? I can sync all calendars very good. New ones, old ones, delete and add etc. all ok. When I do discover I see the lists from Reminders. Can I sync them and can I show them also in the calendar app? I see the Reminders name has a sign behind the name while all calendars dont.

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-30 um 12.55.43.png

    If I copy paste its like this “Erinnerungen ⚠️”
    Erinnerungen is German for Reminders.

    I have added it to the vdirsync config like this

    item_types = ["VEVENT", "VTODO"]

    Anyone here who can help?

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