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MMM-MyCommute module black screen

  • Hey all,

    I’m still relatively new at the Magic Mirror platform and Python in general, so it’s entirely possible my error is a pretty easy one to fix. I’m having issues with adding MMM-MyCommute to my setup - when I insert the code into my config file, the screen stays black after an npm start and I can’t figure out why. (I also had this issue trying to add MMM-MovieList for some reason; for that, as with MMM-MyCommute, the solution seems to have simply been removing it from the config file.)

    The code I have for this config is as follows:

    			module: "MMM-MyCommute",
    			position: 'bottom_center',
    			config: {
    			  apiKey: "myAPIkeygoeshere",
    			  origin: "60 George Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 1J4",
    			  destinations: [
    			      destination: "77 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5N2",
    			      label: "Work",
    			      mode: "driving",
    			      color: "#82E5AA"
    			  // Additional config for calendar routes:
    			  maxCalendarEvents: 2,
    			  calendarOptions: [
    			      mode: "driving"
    			      mode: "transit",
    			      transitMode: "train"

    I’m using this fork:

    Thanks in advance!

  • @ChanceTime two places to look

    in the log from how you start MM, terminal window or pm2 (use pm2 logs --lines=100 command)
    and in the developers window, ctrl-shift-i on the mirror keyboard, select the tab labeled console, and scroll up to see any errors (usually red text)

  • Aaaaah, thanks sdetwell! I ah, just solved it, and the answer was very silly.

    For any future newbs having this issue across multiple modules, check that the files for modules you are referencing are actually in the Magic Mirror’s modules folder. A few of mine - MMM-MovieListings and MMM-MyCommute somehow got installed in ~/MagicMirror and not ~/MagicMirror/modules , which explains why it was happening in both places. Whoops! MyCommute is now working perfectly.

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