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MMM-GoogleFit no longer updating

  • I’ve had MMM-GoogleFit installed and running just fine for the last month or so, but I noticed yesterday that it wasn’t updating properly. Yesterday was Wednesday, but it already had data populated for the day that was incorrect by quite a lot. Anyone else having any trouble with this module? This was prior to the MM update yesterday, and the update to MM did not resolve the issue.

  • ive noticed this problem come up before at the start of last month, so im guessing that there is some kind of bug at the start of months?

    it sorts itself out in a day or two!

  • @banbutcher You’re right, it sorted itself out this morning. That’s really weird. The guy who wrote the module isn’t maintaining it, but it would be nice if someone who knows code could take a look at it and fix it. Not a big issue but certainly annoying!

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