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How can you add my modules and have news other than New York Times appear on the buttom center.

  • Im trying to add compliments in the compliments folder. To get the compliments folder you have to first go to File then Manager to Maggic Mirror next to Modules onto Default then finally the Compliments folder. If add compliments in the folder and press save will they show on the screen. Just asking as this is what I’ve done and the added compliments didn’t appear just wondering if this is what you have to do to show the added compliments on the screen. I’m sure I just forgot to hit save but just wondering if this is how it is done. Add wondering how to get news more than just New York Times. Is it possible to get News from New York Times and BBC and Euro News have news from several different sources flash at the bottom of the screen.

  • @dcimag yes, basically you’ve got it

    there are two approaches for compliments. in the file u mentioned, and in the config.js file

    in either case, u have to restart mm to get it to read the new info.

    on news/RSS feed, u have to edit the config file an use the new RSS url u want.
    again, restarting mm to show new info

  • Yes. Thank you it worked I was allowed to add compliments in English, but I’m also trying to add compliments in Irish. Would you know what to do to get the Magic Mirror to recognize non-English characters.

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