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MMM-google-route Request Denied issue

  • Hey Friends,
    I’m trying to configure Gara64’s MMM-google-route module and am running into a request denied issue

    I’m pretty sure its an issue with the API access or with how MM requests the data (I’ve been reading you need to request over https? idk). My Google console says requests have been received, but with errors.


    Any info would be super helpful. Thanks!

    Below is the module section I have for this

                module: 'MMM-google-route',
                position: 'bottom_left',
                config: {
                    key: '12345', //modified for privacy
                        origin: '4224 Tidworth Drive, Texas, US', //modified for privacy
                        destination: '12210 Nebraska Ave, California, US' //modified for privacy

  • Aaaannnnd I figured it out. It was because I didnt have a billing source attached to my Google account for the API to draw from. Typical.

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