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Awattar Plugin

  • Hello,

    i search a Modul for Show the diagram from Awattar for the Cost ok Kw the Day and the Next Day (from 2 PM).
    Or a litte Modul what me say … in this hour cost a kw 27cents and in the next hour 24cent.
    Or what me say the cheapest kw is today on 1pm to 2pm

    The API is shares on the Awattar Site

    Or exist a Module for this ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • I can use a curl command in my ssh window.
    But the Promt i cant understand. The report from the Price arent the Same how on the Website.

    How i can use iobroker or Magic Mirror with iobroker to use the API to Show the graph from today and tomorrow at the same time (one below the other) or Changing from Today and Tomorrow in a 10 second delay ?

    (My Wish or imagination are the same graph how on the website)

    How i can realise that ? Can anybody make a Modul for this ?

    It is Possible to use Curl Commands for making a graph only on Magic Mirror?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad englisch. (I am German)

  • no one can Help ?

  • This post is deleted!

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