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Wrong time

  • Hi Guys,

    Just new to all of this including the raspberry pi so please bare with me.

    I have a raspberry pi 4+ B, i have installed magic mirror using the magicmirror os on an sd card. I have got it to load and to show using vnc for now as i am awaiting my monitor and 2way glass coming. i have noticed that the time is wrong. It is currently showing 1 hour ahead. I have changed the localisation settings etc in raspi config but i cant get it to change. I am assuming it may have something to do with daylight savings however not sure.

    Am i missing something completely obvious?

    ![0_1596312086001_2020-08-01 20.54.39.jpg](Uploading 100%)


  • @mmcghee after u define the location you have to set it active, right?

    show the clock settings then ?right? click the location and select ?make active? ( not near my machine)

    your image didn’t show

  • Hi Sam,

    Please see below from rasp config.

    Current default time zone: ‘Europe/London’
    Local time is now: Sat Aug 1 21:20:01 BST 2020.
    Universal Time is now: Sat Aug 1 20:20:01 UTC 2020.

    However time on Magic Mirror is showing 22:20


  • @mmcghee when u open the time, does it display the right timezone under the location? (the little house means that is the current time location set)
    Screenshot at 2020-08-01 15-28-16.png

    if you edit the location, does it display the right values for timezone

    Screenshot at 2020-08-01 15-25-01.png

  • Hi Sam,

    not sure, since i am using the magicmirror OS i dont have a desktop interface to check it with. However whenever i change the timezones in config to any region it does not update the Mirror at all.


  • @mmcghee oh, magicmirrorOS… so that means the docker container date/time.


  • thanks sam,

    Think i might move away from magicmirror os seems a bit to complicated compared to running it on raspbian for a newbie like me.


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