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Custom Frame Building Service Available

  • Are you wanting to start a MagicMirror project, but have little or no woodworking experience? Does the idea of building a frame seem daunting? I’m offering a custom frame building service and wanted to see if there would be any interest from this forum.

    I’m a carpenter by trade, and I’ve built several of these frames here in England at my workshop. I’ll work with you to determine the exact frame sizing required to fit your monitor. Your monitor would simply sit inside the frame and be secured with 4 small fixings. All frames are made with pocket hole fixings, and can be either butt-joint or mitered, depending on preference. We can also add holes for switches/vents/power cables as required. These are professionally made, solid frames, and will last for many years.

    Prices would start from £150 for a standard 27” pine frame, which can then be stained/painted to suit taste. Shipping can be arranged anywhere in Europe. If you’re interested and want to chat further, please don’t hesitate to drop my an email -

    Example Pictures:

  • To add: I can also include 2-way glass with these frames for an added cost.

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