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Error in MMM-Mycommute (by Qistoph) when using transit mode

  • Hi, I’ve been using this particular module for driving directions with no problems. Today, I decided to add transit times to my work. I chose subway as the transitMode and for some reason, I get the error of
    Error: data.status != OK: ZERO_RESULTS

    Does this mean no results could be fetched? Which would be odd since I can still plot a route using subways on google maps. The trains have been very erratic due to COVID and construction, but my other train times modules is still working without error.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Below is the config info
    Thanks in advance!

    		  module: 'MMM-MyCommute',
    		  position: 'top_right',
    		  config: {
    			apiKey: 'key',
    			origin: 'home address',
    			startTime: '00:00',
    			endTime: '23:59',
    			pollFrequency:1800000, // every thirty minutes
    			destinations: [
    				destination: 'destination 1 address',
    				label: 'label1',
    				mode: 'driving',
    				color: '#73BDE5',// car is blue
    				destination: 'destination 2 address',
    				label: 'label 2',
    				mode: 'transit',
    				transitMode: 'subway',
    				color: '#7CFC00', // train is green
    				startTime: '07:00',
    				endTime: '16:00',
    				showNextVehicleDeparture: true,
    			  maxCalendarEvents: 3,
    			  maxCalendarTime: 2*24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 // 2 days

  • @Srcodesalittle please search. there have been a number of posts concerning this module. I just don’t remember if there was any resolution

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