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Combine MMM-Openhab and MMM-OpenhabFloorplan? Touch function and floorplan in one module?

  • Hi,

    I have just seen the great module MMM-Openhab with its touch function.
    I already use the module MMM-OpenhabFloorplan, which gives you a floorplan but without touch.

    The MMM-Openhab only shows a sitemap but not a floorplan. So I am wondering if there is a way to combine the two functions touch and floorplan.
    Has anybody tried to combine the modules?
    Or maybe there are other ways like “let the sitemap look like a floorplan” or "add a touch function to MMM-OpenhabFloorplan.

    Thanks a lot for your ideas.


  • I just see, the MMM-Openhab is just linking to the sitemap and has no touch function on its own.
    Maybe the module kann be modified, linking to a floorplan generated in habpanel.

    Any opinions on that?