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MM development environment

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m new member of this MagicMirror Forum.
    I already install MM on my Raspberry Pi4 last weekend and have tried to modify to get what I want to have.

    During modification I was wonder that how you guys develop MM, is there any development tools especially for editor?
    I tried to use Electron which is included in MM but I didn’t find manual for it. I just used it as a debugger.
    thus I used vim, one of my favorite tool for code editing.

    plz kindly let me know your experiences


  • @ricky install winscp of bitvise ssh client on your PC, then you can double click edit files on the pi thru the file manager.

    in electron you can use the debugger, same as chrome and Firefox. u can edit styles, and stop on code. but not really edit code.

    ctrl-r will refresh mm, while refresh will do the same I the dev window.

    I use notepad++ on my PC to edit pi files.

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