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Weather compliments

  • Hi again guys… :p
    Right i’m a total noob with absolutely no experience in programming or writing code… I have installed programs simply by clicking an install.exe and following on screen commands but that’s about as far as my level of experience goes! haha

    So far i’m really chuffed with myself as I appear to have all the basic modules calibrated correctly?
    Time: local
    Weather: local
    News: BBC News
    Calendar: Personal gmail
    Compliments: edited text file to include the odd profanity in order to motivate my lazy ass!

    So far so good… All working and looking great!
    I look more into the compliments area and see you can customise compliments to relate to weather… Awesome! Tried adding it myself, failed. Has anyone got a copy and paste of the compliments.txt with weather related compliments working I can use as a template?
    Many thanks!!

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