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MMM-Assistant2Display It plays Youtube or something not well.

  • {
    			module: "MMM-GoogleAssistant",
    			position: "fullscreen_above",
    			config: {
    				header : "",
    				assistantConfig: {
    					lang: "en-US",
    					latitude: 35.823308,
    					longitude: 128.542307
    				micConfig: {
    					// put there configuration generated by auto-installer
    					recorder: "arecord",
    					device: "plughw:2"
    				A2DServer: {
    					useA2D: true,
    					stopCommand: "stop"
    				snowboy: {
    					usePMDL: false,
    					audioGain: 2.0,
    					Frontend: true,
    					Model: "smart_mirror",
    					Sensitivity: 0.7
    			module: "MMM-Assistant2Display",
    			position: "top_left",
    			config: {

    It is my conf.

    When I say “play music on youtube”, Assistant says “opening app…” but it doesnt open and just disappear. (same at spotify)
    When I say “play kendrick lamar on youtube”, Assistant tries to open youtube link and it just loading(shows youtube loading circle) and disappear.

    How can I fix it? sorry for my short english skills. 😞

  • Module Developer

    humm, maybe you can help me?
    I just lost the link to the MMM-Assistant2Display wiki, don’t you have it handy?

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